jueves, mayo 10, 2007

Smashing Writers

The reading and the magazine (on sale for three pesos) are just two of many literary initiatives taken by young writers in Buenos Aires. In addition to the group gathered for Los Asesinos Timidos, I have met members of El Alejandria , a bi-weekly reading of stories by new authors joined by one established writer; Los Mudos, another group with a blog and regular readings; and El Quinteto, a fixed group of authors who host readings and performances. These groups (and there are more) support each other’s events and initiatives. All were funded without a peso and mostly continue to operate on a budget of blood, sweat, and tears (ok, laughter, from the looks of it). El Alejandria is the first to receive a government grant to publish an anthology of stories read at their events; it will be presented during the Buenos Aires Book Fair this April.

I find this grass roots cultural activity exciting and inspirational. Exciting because there is such tangible desire to create, share, criticize, and learn, which can only lead to heightened consciousness and dynamic literary production. Inspirational because it represents a real culture and community of literature and makes me want to create, in dialogue with them, similar initiatives Stateside. Could the conversation be an international one?

¿Quién le responde a esta chica?

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