viernes, julio 31, 2009


vía Lola

La foto muestra la cicatriz de Anne Farrell, de Perth, AUSTRALIA. Quien nos dice en su idioma natal (Assignment # 11):

All the doctors I'd seen had said there was nothing serious wrong with me. Eventually the pain got so bad one night that I went into the hospital emergency room. There are four scars here from the different surgeries I've had. Some are all on top of each other so as to not make any new scars. One was from that night when they opened me up to find the tumour. The one on the left is from the colostomy I had to have for a year. There's one from when they tried to save my ovaries by moving them from out of the field of the radiation treatment.

The chemo and radiation treatment worked and when it was all over they used the same scar to open me up and put everything back where it should go. This year will be five years since that day and I am still in remission, although I will never have children. I can't remember any more what I looked like without these scars.

¿Qué es esto? Básicamente, una idea de las artistas Miranda July y Harrell Fletcher; te dicen qué hacer y vos lo hacés. Ellas tienen varias tareas para vos (setenta en total). Te dan específicas instrucciones para cumplirlas. En este caso (la número 11) tenías que sacarte una foto de una cicatriz (o de otra persona) y contar la historia de la cicatriz. Nada más. Nada menos. Anne me conmovió. El sitio está en inglés y se llama Learning to Love You More. ATENCION: el proyecto como lo pensaron July y Fletcher se terminó pero como podrás ver en la página, algunas personas lo continuaron.
Porque, obviamente, continuarlo es una excelente manera de quererte un poquito más.